Our Friends Electric

Research, Design

This project explored the design, prototyping and exhibition of critical research products exploring, ethical, open, transparent voice interfaces for homes in the near future. This work was in collaboration with Superflux and was funded by the Mozilla Foundation. It’s estimated that over 100 million Amazon Alexa’s are in homes today and the social etiquette and expectations around interacting with online content through voice has evolved rapidly over the last three years. In this project we designed and developed multiple iterations of original research products to enable discussion around the public perceptions of privacy and security with this new category of smart audio products.

This work has been exhibited and presented at various national and international events in London, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Germany, USA and India. Audiences have included designers, developers, students, engineers and members of the public. The work was funded by a grant from the Mozilla Foundation.

This research through design project focused on the creation of interactive research objects that directly informed workshops and exhibitions throughout the design process with members of the public and professional design audiences providing insights for each iterative development of the work. Six research products were created in this process with the final three voice products going on to be exhibited in three locations internationally further evolving the discussion and awareness of an open, transparent and safe voice enabled internet.

Further information

This research project was completed at DJCAD in collaboration with Superflux, Loraine Clarke, Jon Rogers and Nick Taylor.