Research, Design, Product

Kixl is a glanceable pixel for football fans. Social media conversations about sport are some of the most passionate debates online, and this is particularly true for football fans. However, despite the volume of chat and heated debates, you can’t follow social conversations all the time - especially if you want to keep your job.

Kixl is a glanceable window into online conversations surrounding your football team. It’s a bit like standing outside the stadium on a match day - you can hear the near misses and the chants and tell when excitement builds. Kixl connects to wifi, continually streaming twitter hashtags that are important to your team and changing colour accordingly. If it’s green there isn’t much conversation and as it gradually shifts through orange to red you know something is happening. It might be a rumoured new signing, it might be the manager or players tweeting or it might be the opposition slagging you off. Kixl is like a clock for twitter, where groups of people can glance at the data and take meaning from it.