Design, Product

Howzat was the outcome of a sports ‘hack day’ project bringing to life the on-field excitement of a wicket to the cricket fans in the studio at Uniform.

Cricket generates a lot of data, and test matches span for five days, often during the week when work and social commitments are unavoidable. We created an object that celebrates wickets a little more than a smartphone notification, and brought some drama and excitement to it.
Howzat is a desktop wicket notification where the elasticated wickets tumble and fall each time a wicket is taken on the field. Just like the real thing, the bails need to be replaced carefully on top of the stumps after each wicket! The experience varies depending on whether your team is batting or bowling, but having a dedicated object allows suspense to build in anticipation of the tumbling wickets.

Design Process


In collaboration with Leonardo Amico and completed while working at Uniform.