Digital Futures UKMX

As part of the 2015 dual year of Mexico and the UK, the British Council funded a programme of events in Mexico City and the UK to explore how links between the two countries could be improved.

I was part of a team that flew out for a prototyping marathon in the Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD) to explore how the Internet of things could link the two countries. We created a concept that linked Mexico City, a megapolis of over 20 million people with Dundee, a city in Scotland with around 150,000 people.

 We created a pair of objects that could measure light levels in one place and output them on another object connected over Wi-Fi. The next step was to create an amazing output for the light level data. CCD has an installation space called Memorial Room, which is an incredible sound and light installation surrounded by RGB LED’s. Entering the space makes you feel like you’re standing in an immersive, interactive pixel cloud.


To demonstrate the prototype, we put the light sensor in a small cardboard box. Covering the opening in the box turned the lights out completely, plunging the Memorial Room into total darkness. Removing your hand from the top of the box brought the red light levels up gradually, and the whole room could burn bright red by shining a torch into the box.